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'Rcpp' Integration for the 'Eigen' Templated Linear Algebra Library
35 versions
Latest release: over 1 year ago
38 dependent packages
440,666 downloads last month

Papers Mentioning RcppEigen 12

Copy number polymorphisms near SLC2A9 are associated with serum uric acid concentrations
Cited by: 16
Author(s): Robert B. Scharpf, Lynn Mireles, Qiong Yang, Anna Köttgen, Ingo Ruczinski, Katalin Suszták, Eitan Halper-Stromberg, Adrienne Tin, Stephen Cristiano, Aravinda Chakravarti, Eric Boerwinkle, Caroline S. Fox, Josef Coresh, W. H. Linda Kao
Software Mentions: 56
Published: over 10 years ago
flowEMMi: an automated model-based clustering tool for microbial cytometric data
Cited by: 16
Author(s): Joachim Ludwig, Christian Höner zu Siederdissen, Zishu Liu, Peter F. Stadler, Susann Müller
Software Mentions: 18
Published: over 4 years ago
Efficient Estimation of Marker Effects in Plant Breeding
Cited by: 10
Author(s): Alencar Xavier
Software Mentions: 13
Published: over 4 years ago
netgsa: Fast computation and interactive visualization for topology-based pathway enrichment analysis
Cited by: 4
Author(s): Michael Hellstern, Jing Ma, Kun Yue, Ali Shojaie
Software Mentions: 12
Published: about 3 years ago
beachmat: A Bioconductor C++ API for accessing high-throughput biological data from a variety of R matrix types
Cited by: 13
Author(s): Aaron T. L. Lun, Hervé Pagès, Mike L. Smith
Software Mentions: 10
Published: about 6 years ago
R/qtl2: Software for Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci with High-Dimensional Data and Multiparent Populations
Cited by: 295
Author(s): Karl W. Broman, Daniel M. Gatti, Petr Šimeček, Nicholas A. Furlotte, Pjotr Prins, Śaunak Sen, Brian S. Yandell, Gary A. Churchill
Software Mentions: 8
Published: over 5 years ago
A Novel Statistical Method to Diagnose, Quantify and Correct Batch Effects in Genomic Studies
Cited by: 29
Author(s): Gift Nyamundanda, Pawan Poudel, Yatish Patil, Anguraj Sadanandam
Software Mentions: 8
Published: almost 7 years ago
ISOpureR: an R implementation of a computational purification algorithm of mixed tumour profiles
Cited by: 30
Author(s): Catalina Anghel, Gerald Quon, Syed Haider, Francis Nguyen, Amit G. Deshwar, Quaid Morris, Paul C. Boutros
Software Mentions: 5
Published: about 9 years ago
Mixed logistic regression in genome-wide association studies
Cited by: 2
Author(s): Jacqueline Milet, David Courtin, André Garcia, Hervé Perdry
Software Mentions: 5
Published: over 3 years ago
RAINBOW: Haplotype-based genome-wide association study using a novel SNP-set method
Cited by: 36
Author(s): Kosuke Hamazaki, Hiroyoshi Iwata
Software Mentions: 5
Published: over 4 years ago
Farm<scp>CPU</scp>pp: Efficient large‐scale genomewide association studies
Cited by: 22
Author(s): Aaron Kusmec, Patrick S. Schnable
Software Mentions: 4
Published: over 6 years ago
A Culturally Adapted Cognitive Behavioral Internet-Delivered Intervention for Depressive Symptoms: Randomized Controlled Trial
Cited by: 35
Author(s): Alicia Salamanca-Sanabria, Derek Richards, Ladislav Timulák, Sarah Connell, Mónica Mojica-Perilla, Yamilena Parra-Villa, Leónidas Castro-Camacho
Software Mentions: 1
Published: over 4 years ago