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Parallel Programming Tools for 'Rcpp'
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Papers Mentioning RcppParallel 6

Software engineering principles to improve quality and performance of R software
Cited by: 0
Author(s): Seth Russell, Tellen D. Bennett, Debashis Ghosh
Software Mentions: 29
Published: over 5 years ago
Scalable and Robust Regression Methods for Phenome-Wide Association Analysis on Large-Scale Biobank Data
Cited by: 2
Author(s): Wenjian Bi, Seunggeun Lee
Software Mentions: 10
Published: about 3 years ago
cognac: rapid generation of concatenated gene alignments for phylogenetic inference from large, bacterial whole genome sequencing datasets
Cited by: 10
Author(s): Ryan Crawford, Evan S. Snitkin
Software Mentions: 5
Published: over 3 years ago
CHICKN: extraction of peptide chromatographic elution profiles from large scale mass spectrometry data by means of Wasserstein compressive hierarchical cluster analysis
Cited by: 2
Author(s): Olga Permiakova, Romain Guibert, Alexandra Kraut, Thomas Fortin, Anne-Marie Hesse, Thomas Bürger
Software Mentions: 4
Published: over 3 years ago
Farm<scp>CPU</scp>pp: Efficient large‐scale genomewide association studies
Cited by: 22
Author(s): Aaron Kusmec, Patrick S. Schnable
Software Mentions: 4
Published: over 6 years ago
FastGGM: An Efficient Algorithm for the Inference of Gaussian Graphical Model in Biological Networks
Cited by: 55
Author(s): Ting Wang, Zhao Ren, Ying Ding, Zhou Fang, Zhe Sun, Matthew L. MacDonald, Robert A. Sweet, Jieru Wang, Wei Chen
Software Mentions: 4
Published: over 8 years ago