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Projects: cran: greta

Simple and Scalable Statistical Modelling in R
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Latest release: almost 2 years ago
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Papers Mentioning greta 2

PyBDA: a command line tool for automated analysis of big biological data sets
Cited by: 3
Author(s): Simon Dirmeier, Mario Emmenlauer, Christoph Dehio, Niko Beerenwinkel
Software Mentions: 8
Published: over 4 years ago
Establishment of Wolbachia Strain wAlbB in Malaysian Populations of Aedes aegypti for Dengue Control
Cited by: 226
Author(s): Wasi Ahmad Nazni, Ary A. Hoffmann, Norazah Ahmad, Young-Keun Cheong, Maria Vittoria Mancini, Nick Golding, Ghazali M. R. Kamarul, Mohd A. K. Arif, Hasim Thohir, Halim NurSyamimi, M. Zabari ZatilAqmar, Mazni NurRuqqayah, Amran NorSyazwani, Azmi Faiz, Francis-Rudin M.N. Irfan, Subramaniam Rubaaini, Nasir Nuradila, Nasir M. N. Nizam, Saidin M. Irwan, Nancy M. Endersby‐Harshman, Vanessa L. White, Thomas H. Ant, Christie S. Herd, Asim H. Hasnor, Rahman AbuBakar, Dusa M. Hapsah, Khairuddin Khadijah, Denim Kamilan, Soo Cheng Lee, Yusof M. Paid, Fadzilah Kamaludin, Topek Omar, Balvinder Singh Gill, Hanlim Lee, Steven P. Sinkins
Software Mentions: 2
Published: over 4 years ago